Megan inspires others to recognize and harness their own power, stop endless cycles of self-sabotage, and to achieve the highest levels of success and happiness.

Using her own experience to convey messages of self empowerment and personal transformation, Megan will seamlessly customize content to match the goals for your event and audience.


Corporate and Business

Innovate Through Improv

Corporate Mindfulness: Pausing to Increase Profits

Challenging Conversations

Build High Performing Teams


Adolescents and Teens

Ten Things to Know as you Grow

Build Self Esteem by Transforming Negative Self Talk

Create a Positive Body Image

All Audiences

Live Your Purpose

Stop Self-Sabotage 

The Key to Happiness in Work and Life


Speaking Events Featuring Megan

TEDx South Lake Tahoe.

Talk Title: On Being Perfectly Imperfect.

Megan speaking at the first ‘Women in Technology’ event at Stanford University.

Megan speaking at DevPulse Con, Silicon Valley.

Megan at TEDx IVC.

Event Cancelled.

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