Change your beliefs. Change your body.  Change your life.

Women over forty who are overweight have an increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions including heart disease, the number one cause of death for women in the U.S. Despite the billions of dollars spent on fitness programs, weight loss solutions, and surgeries, statistics show that 95% of women who lose weight will gain it back in 4-18 months.

LIGHTEN YOUR LIFE (and its alumni program LOSERS FOR LIFE) represent Megan’s mission to address the underlying reasons for the continued failure of weight loss efforts and ultimately reduce this statistic.

Having overcome her own challenges with food, weight, and body image, then engaging in a specific course of study, including an accredited certification from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Megan found a solution to the source of the weight loss issue. She now teaches others to stop the self-sabotage of weight loss efforts and achieve SUSTAINABLE weight loss while living happier, healthier, and more joy-filled lives.

She considers it her personal mission to change the weight loss story while inspiring as many individuals as she can to not only live healthy but also to THRIVE.


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