The Path of Self Love course is based on Christine Arylo’s  work of the same name. As she states, “Our mission is to provide tools, practices, and wisdom through transformational programs and experiences, to children, young people, and adults that empower them.”

In this course you will learn how to:

  • End negative self-talk and self-sabotage, gaining the power to choose self-compassion over self-criticism.

  • Treat your  body as sacred, accepting and nourishing it.

  • Know who you really are at your core and define the internal strength, confidence, and courage to create a world that reflects this back to you.

  • Trust your inner guidance.

  • Say NO to negative relationships of any kind (emotional or physical), loving yourself so much that you only choose loving, respectful relationships.

The Path of Self Love Course occurs over an 8-week timeframe. One one-hour lesson per week with a small amount of self-loving ‘homework’ assigned for the week.

There is one track for women and a different track for girls, adolescents, and teens.


Please submit below if you are interested in the Path of Self Love course for your group.

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How long is each exercise?
It will take fifteen minutes to an hour on average each week to complete the given exercise.  Many individuals start and then find that they want to spend more time given that the exercises can be quite fun!
How are the weekly meetings held?
They are held through ZOOM, an online video conferencing system.
Do I need to buy software to use ZOOM?
No!  ZOOM is freely available to you and you will be provided all instructions for using it.
How much does the course cost?
It depends on how many individuals are in the group. For one person, it is $250 dollars but Megan has group rates that decrease the cost as the number of participants increases.  Thirty percent of Megan’s earnings are donated to the following three causes:

  • 2nd Chances Rescue – rescuing stray, abandoned, and surrendered pit bulls
  • Little Divas Rescue – rescuing smaller, special needs dogs that are stray, abandoned, or surrendered
  • Girls Who Code – providing opportunities for girls from undeserved communities to learn programming and technology skills

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