You name the challenge, Megan has seen it.

Technology change continues to drive innovation and transformation across all business functions, wholly shifting the role of the CIO and the IT organization. The CIO of today is both strategic and operational, leveraging technology and data to best advance the business, enable its people to perform optimally, and drive value. The pace of change often results in certain IT functions lagging in their evolution. This can have significant impact to an organization’s bottom lines regarding capital and operating cost, customer experience, and employee morale/retention.

Megan’s career as a CIO includes the wholesale transformation of the IT footprint within globally-operating organizations, exponential scaling of the internal and external technologies serving global retail customers, and the parallel change management work to ensure the readiness of all involved.  It is from this experience that she now operates in a consulting capacity, offering the following services for companies of all sizes:

  • Digital Transformation – Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Organizational Change Management.
  • Technology, People, Process Health Check.
  • Customer Services Delivery Excellence. 

Megan can provide a path through any challenge to ensure that your organization is leveraging its technology to best serve the business, processes, and people.

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