Read the inspiring story of Megan’s journey and transformation in her book “I’d Like to Thank The Academy.”

Have you ever felt as though you were trapped inside a box?

Living a life that you did not design?

Fulfilling someone else’s belief as to who you are supposed to be?

Wondering why you are here and what it is you are truly meant to do?

Feeling as though something deep inside was pushing to break free?


I excelled as a student my entire life. Anything less than an ‘A’ was not acceptable. In everything I did I believed that I not only had to be the best, but that I HAD TO BE PERFECT.

This belief about perfection found its way into my body and mind at a very early age. I was driven by it, achieving the highest grades, becoming an accomplished pianist, the youngest member of a youth dance company, and college athlete who founded the first-ever women’s rowing team at her university.

Following graduate school I began a quest to achieve the highest title available in my profession. At the same time I studied sword fighting, performed improvisational comedy, volunteered with countless non-profits, traveled on my own to a myriad of countries, auditioned to be an LA Laker Girl, acted in short films, and taught yoga to prisoners – to name a few. I consistently strove to achieve and excel as I believed that it was through my accomplishments that I had value and worth as a person. 

I became a successful senior-level technology executive with the rank of Chief Information Officer, working for globally recognized organizations. I bought my own home, dated successful and accomplished men, and found myself on more red carpets than I can count (meeting everybody who was anybody). Most importantly, I attained all of the external ‘things’ that I had been told and thus believed would yield me a sense of personal success and happiness.

But I was not happy….

I was miserable.

After achieving my proudest career accomplishment to-date, I unexpectedly found myself making the decision to walk away from my oh-so-impressive job with the oh-so-impressive organization.  And while I knew it was the right thing to do, I had no idea of the personal fallout to come.

When I left my job, I walked away from my primary source of self-esteem and personal worth. Without an impressive title and company, I found myself untethered to any THING that I believed gave me value. My sense of self worth did not exist within me…I had spent years building it through external achievements…and it became clear that my quest to create value in this way had come from a faulty belief system adopted early in my life. I had worked years to obtain an external definition of success at the cost of my own, internal one. I realized that I lacked the kind of self-worth that comes from within – from truly knowing myself – and that became a life defining, changing, and transformative moment.

I realized that it was time to find my source of worth, esteem, and happiness from within. That place where external trappings (job, relationships, possessions, etc.) could be removed without my interpreting the loss as a universal statement of my negative value. I sought to understand a true source of joy and happiness – one that remained constant and not reliant upon external conditions. It was not easy, and at times incredibly challenging.  But with guidance from a collection of teachers, I found the answers. 

Self-love, being fully authentic to who I was meant to be, a belief in and connection to something greater, a willingness to forgive, and a practice of acceptance were key. These were concepts I had not understood as a child or nurtured as I grew into adulthood. I needed to now embrace them. I made the decision to change my most fundamental (negative) beliefs in order to take-on a new way of thinking and discovered a source of joy, power, and inspiration that would change my life.

I now know that I am a darned phenomenal human being in addition to being a great CIO, and I am only made better by continuing the journey of self discovery. My title and work do not define me. I am here to be of service, to help others, to inspire greatness, and make a difference.  

If you are someone struggling as I did, working desperately to be someone else’s definition of success, wondering why you are here, or where it is you can find the happiness you seek, I can help. I am here to tell you that life is meant to be an adventure full of laughter, love, and joy. Anything less is a cage of our own making. Read my story and let me show you how to open the door and set yourself free.

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