Megan K. Clarke is an accomplished Chief Information Officer and transformational technology executive whose organizations have included The OSCARS, The GRAMMYs, Stanford University, and The University of Southern California.


Her areas of expertise include Turnaround Planning, Organizational Change, IT Strategy, IT Operations, Governance/PMO, and Business Optimization.


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Megan received her MBA from The Marshall School of Business with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  Following graduation, she was hired by Ernst & Young’s technology consulting practice to manage large ERP design and implementation efforts. Over the next several years her career accomplishments and successes grew as she moved up the ranks, reaching the role of Chief Information Officer where she has been for the past fifteen years.

Megan has been responsible for the full suite of technology within her organizations, including network, enterprise architecture, infrastructure, systems design and development, UI/UX, data and analytics, cloud management, security and privacy, disaster recovery, training, and change management (to name a few).

She has managed the following functional groups: Architecture, Network, SysAd, DevOps, Security and Privacy, Development, Engineering, UI/UX, Web, Enterprise Systems, Database/Data Center, NOC, SOC, Business Analysis, PMO, Cloud, Help Desk, Research Technology, AV and Media, and Training.

In addition, Megan is an expert-level Change Manager.  It is her belief that an organization can perfectly execute the technological development on a project, but if a corresponding Change Management strategy and plan is not in place, the project has a very high risk of failure.

The list of specific technologies she has managed is extensive.

Megan is a highly experienced presenter, having created and delivered professional presentations to Boards of Directors, senior leaders, VC groups, end users, and all levels of employees.

Megan prides herself on building world-class teams.  She believes that key to any successful team is a strong sense of ownership over the successful delivery of it products and services both on time and within budget. She has on multiple occasions been called-in to turn around struggling IT departments, multi-million dollar implementations, and service desk organizations with poor reviews. She considers every new challenge an opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and transform.

She also believes that it is important, when working, to have fun.

When asked her favorite aspect of being a CIO, she says “I see it as my job to ensure that my organizations are best served by their technology.  I do this by working to understand every aspect of the organization’s business, people, processes, and workflows. I love collaborating with employees at all levels of an organization to understand their operations, mission, and goals. It is important to me that they know I am their partner and guide through any technology change and will work to ensure that they are involved in the entire process from beginning to end. My goal is to ensure that their business operations are best supported by the incoming changes to their technology.  There is no better feeling than taking an organization through massive technology change and hearing that its members felt not only prepared for it but have become champions of the positive change it brought to their environment and workflows.”

A career highlight was managing the design, development, and launch of the first-ever online voting system for The Academy Awards.

In her space time Megan volunteers with a variety of non-profit organizations, fosters dogs found on the streets of Los Angeles, and manages a branded website and blog that do not carry her name. 

As a woman Megan represents only 8% of all CIO’s and is an advocate and speaker on the topic of women in technology. Her goal is to encourage girls and women to pursue careers in tech and ultimately increase their overall numbers. Megan also enjoys speaking to corporations, private groups, and students (adolescents, high school, and college), sharing her experience and insights on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Leadership – Top Ten Aspects to Great Leadership.
  • Gender Bias in the Workplace – How to Successfully Address It.
  • Life Balance – Having BOTH Professional and Personal Success.
  • Managing Change – Changing the Game.
  • Perfectionism – Being Perfectly Imperfect.
  • Meditation in the Workplace – Pause Equals Profits.

Additionally, Megan was was a featured speaker at TEDx South Lake Tahoe in October of 2019 and was scheduled to speak at TEDx IVC in March of 2020 until it was cancelled.

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